Foren Method is an integral solution against immobility through Virtual Reality, combining different methodological aspects with the same objective: maximum recovery.

It is a therapeutic tool for any person who faces a situation of immobility: stroke, spinal cord injury, post-surgical immobility, multiple sclerosis and other neuro- degenerative diseases.

The results translate into a recovery of strength, sensitivity and motor, decrea- sing recovery time and preventing deterioration. In addition, the Method has demonstrated a normalization of sensitivity, a high degree of adherence and an increase in the patient's percep-tion of security.

Foren Method is the result of years of research and development done during the last decade in the Foren Clinic, alma mater and scientific support of this Method now present in many clinics.

The 3 Foren cornerstones
Protocols and Objectives: personalized for each patient

Foren Method proposes customized protocols based on gradual, intensive, individual and supervised rehabilitation.

After an initial exhaustive evaluation, an ideal and individualized work plan is designed and proposed based on the known and published scientific evidence to date.

The work plan includes a customiced protocol, associated objectives and an expected recovery time. This ideal scenario can always be adapted to the needs and limitations of the patient, making the personalisation completely adaptable. 

Recovery techniques: Scientific evidence and positive neuroplasticity

The techniques proposed in the Foren Method are always based on scientific evidence and are combined according to the patient, protocols and objectives.


With the aim of strengthening the neuronal circuits associated to the area to be treated, the Foren Method places special emphasis on neuroperceptive techniques such as the excitation of mirror neurons through virtual reality.

The excitation of the mirror neurons is achieved through our patented method of virtual reality in combination with electromyography and electro- stimulation. Thanks to this excitation the patient can see and feel the movement until he or she is able to do it by himself or herself. It has been demonstrated that the use of these techniques in moments of reduced mobility greatly improves progress in recovery, cutting times and allowing the objectives to be worked on from the first moment through an increase in trophism.

Foren Network: An ecosystem of clinics sharing knowledge and results

A weekly contact with Foren takes place in all the clinics where the Foren Method is practiced, where the evolution of the patients is reported anonymously and doubts and concerns are shared from both sides.

This builds an international network of clinics that speak the same scientific language, exchanging interests, knowledge, solutions and results.

The knowledge generated from these interactions is shared by Foren with all the clinics, evolving all together towards a service that is more refined, more differentiated and ultimately better.

At the same time, the Foren team and its parent clinic are constantly involved in new lines of research, mainly focused on the inclusion of new techniques to the Method and the application of the Method to new pathologies. The knowledge resulting from these investigations is always shared with the Network, enlarging the service and improving the results of all patients.

Management Team

Charo Ortín

CEO and Co-founder

Javier Navarro

COO and Co-founder

Guillermo Pérez del Pulgar

Project Manager

Foren Project S.L. 2020

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