Foren Unit

For the implementation of the Foren Method in any clinic, Foren commercializes the so-called Foren Unit. This is composed of:

  • VR Foren software:

Software with a library of VR recorded and post-produced  exercises made ad hoc for the clinic. These videos are recorded in situ and post-produced by Foren.

  • Virtual reality glasses for exercise viewing.

  • Electromyograph and electro-stimulator equipment

  • 5-day intensive training course

Once the Foren Unit is implemented, a regular follow-up of the implementation is done by the Foren team. Physiotherapy teams are in constant communication to solve doubts, comment on cases and share new generated knowledge.

This is done through a subscription model that includes:

  • Access to the platform that generates personalized protocols

  • Access to technical consulting hours.

  • Access to new virtual reality content.

  • Access to a continuous and supervised training service.

  • Access to technical support and equipment maintenance

  • Access to technology and software improvements.

  • Access to the Foren Network and its research and publication oriented resources.

Foren Project S.L. 2020

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