Quality policy

The purpose of Foren Method is to create an integral tool for the treatment of motor injuries through virtual reality, seeking to reduce rehabilitation times, increase muscular strength, normalize sensitivity and promote motivation always offering the best quality in service. In order to achieve this, Foren Method presents these general objectives:


Efficiency and excellence in internal management with the application of a Quality Management System.


The organization's commitment to continuous improvement programs.


Commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


High degree of satisfaction of the external customer.


High degree of satisfaction of the internal client, our health and non-health professionals, who must be motivated and trained to give the most personalized treatment possible to our clients.


The management policy guidelines will serve as a reference framework for the establishment and review of particular management objectives. These objectives will be disseminated to the rest of the organization and will be established at the relevant functions and levels within the organization. Progress in achieving them and their consistency will be periodically evaluated.

Foren Project S.L. 2020

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