Management Team

Charo Ortín

CEO and Co-founder

Guillermo Pérez del Pulgar

Project Manager


Our Team

Foren is a multi-disciplinary team of physical therapists, programmers and virtual reality producers.

Our goal is clear, to be happy helping people.

The lack of mobility is a dramatic situation for many patients and their families. Foren does investigation, development, commercialization and provides support to clinics all over the world with the aim of improving the condition and rehabilitation of those patients, focusing on what for them is an incalculable jump in quality of life and happiness. That motor is what drives our world.

Our History

Foren Method is the result of a decade of research and expertise.

The collaboration with other centres, Universities and Hospitals has always been a sign of identity of our original centre, for which they have come from all over the Spanish territory looking for treatment.

The standardization of our techniques and methods and the application for the CE certificate allowed us to offer the commercialization of a product that summarizes our philosophy, knowledge and vision: to connect all possible clinics to help patients with our innovative treatments.

Our experience originally focused on the treatment of immobilisms associated with injuries of the nervous system. The gradual application of this knowledge to other pathologies associated with immobilism increased the number of patients we can help, opening up new possibilities in the world of sport, traumatology and elderly care. 



Charo Ortín

You try to move your arms and you move them. Your mind works in another body, and it does it perfectly...

Charo Ortín

Your mind moves a body that responds. It's an amazing release. It's good for your mind.


Charo Ortín

The intensity and strength with which I feel the limbs during the exercises is impressive

Charo Ortín

When I leave the sessions I really do think I'm walking better.

Charo Ortín

Virtual reality allows me to do things and movements that I normally can not do, which relieves and relaxes

Charo Ortín

You work on a realistic fantasy scenario, while the results are real.




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