Scientific principles

A profound and meticulous study of the state of the art combined with the long experience of Foren's professional team has led to the first supervised model able to infer rehabilitation protocols up from evaluation profiles. The protocols generated by this supervised model are shared with the clinics as proposed protocols in the framework of interprofessional consultations, being these always finally adapted to the patient by the prescriber.

The model is in constant evolution shaped through the knowledge generated by the Foren Network of clinics, being this tool an asset of great value for the Foren Method and the Foren Network.

Regarding the techniques proposed by Foren Method, the techniques focused on the use of neurological plasticity are the main differentiating ones. This techniques are based on Neurovirtuality, which is the study of the influence of virtual reality on the mechanisms of neurological plasticity.

Virtual reality manages to create realistic mental and sensitive states, making the brain perform decoding and interpretation efforts in this new environment as if it would be in a real one. When done correctly, the "tricked" brain makes the body also receive its stimuli, offering realistic somatic, visceral, physiological and even psychological responses. The Foren Method directs this nervous stimulation towards the development of positive plasticity, relying on virtual reality for neurological recovery during treatment.

The in-depth study in Neurovirtuality carried out by Foren has allowed the development of a product that promotes neurological remodeling and repetitions. This is achieved by correctly combining the moment of active effort (muscle activation) and the observation with imitative intention in a congruent and real context (with our patented virtual reality method) with the appropriate sensory afference (electro-stimulation, kinesitherapy, vibration and/or temperature). This promotes synaptic remodeling in favor of the recovery of this movement, which is essential especially in acute and sub-acute phases of immobility.




2019 EU seal of excellence (4 veces)


2018 Winners of the 1st edition of the Sanitas Disrputvive awards for innovation in health through start-ups

2017 VR NOW Grand Prize

2017 VR NOW Grand Prize - Berlin

2017 VR Impact Award

2017 VR Impact Award - Amsterdam



Combating immobility in the ICU

Foren - UCI HSJD de Córdoba

At the beginning of 2020 we started with the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Córdoba an exciting collaboration with Método Foren to fight the post-intensive care syndrome: the weakness acquired in ICU, the respiratory complications and the delirium. The collaboration will take place until 2021.

Preventing falls in the elderly

Foren - Sanitas Mayores

During 2019 a study was carried out that showed how Foren Method helps to improve the quality of walking in elderly people, making them feel safer. Results showed an increase on stability and mobility allowing longer journeys. The impact on their quality of life where described as overwhelming.

Foren and hip fracture in older

                 Foren - Sanitas Mayores

During 2019 a study was carried out in which several elderly people with hip fracture related secondary sequelae were treated with the Foren Method. After a few weeks it was shown that they recovered range of motion, increased strength and regained a safe walking pattern.

Foren and walking rehabilitation in people with stroke

Foren - La Salle

During 2018 and 2019 it was studied how several people with an over 2 years old ictus were able to improve their ability to walk with Foren Method. More appropriate,  efficient and safe walking patterns were reported in all the cases.

Foren Project S.L. 2020

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